Topical Section of the Journal Russia and the Pacific 2023 No. 3

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The journal Russia and the Pacific would like to invite you to submit papers to the topical section "India during the Transformation of the Global Political System" of the issue No. 3, 2023.

Radical transformations, changing the modern world, reflect a shift in the balance of power between the traditional powers and the new emerging powers among which India has played an increasingly active role in recent years. Its explosive economic growth in the last three decades has transformed it into one of the largest emerging powers in the world. It is now the third largest economy in the world after China and the United States, and, according to many predictions, it will become the second largest economy within the next twenty years. India is a major military power possessing nuclear weapons and the third largest army in the world. Apart from material assets, India also possesses a powerful resource of soft power. Thanks to the collective coexistence of different religions, languages and cultures, India is percepted by many people as an advanced model for global development governance and one of the most obvious contenders for regional and international leadership.

Economic growth has already transformed India from a minor player to one of the leading players in the international arena. Today it is playing a more prominent leadership role as an active member of global organizations. The "Act East" policy has contributed to its greater engagement with East and South East Asia. At the same time, Indias economic and political growth let it go beyond the regional framework and transformed it into one of the key actors of the emerging Indo-Pacific region.

However, despite the growing recognition of India's importance as a rising power, its real status is yet ambiguous. Serious concerns remain about India's existing capabilities and the ability of the Indian state to fully exploit its full economic potential. India's growing need to increase and diversify its development resources has raised the problem of finding new sources/factors of economic growth and political influence. At the same time, there is a high risk of recurrence of chronic socio-economic problems common to all growing economies: labor and employment issues, poverty and social justice, access to education and health care, etc.

Besides, on the global stage, as India rises, it has to deal with a number of new regional and global challenges. Besides the persistent and already traditional tensions with neighbouring Pakistan and the threat of international terrorism, the growing assertiveness of Beijing is becoming a new and growing challenge to Delhi. China's increasing economic and political activity is gradually distorting the established system of international relations in the region, which is prompting India to step up its search for the most effective tools to maintain regional security and preserve the regional balance of power amid the political and economic instability.

In the context of ongoing changes, the research interest is attracted by a lot of issues related to the internal and external changes of a dynamically evolving modern India, including:

  • Internal dynamics - political, economic, social and cultural - of India's contemporary development, achievements and challenges;
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of India's contemporary foreign policy in the regional and global context;
  • India's relations with various states in its immediate neighbourhood and outside; emphasis and priorities in bilateral and multilateral relations;
  • India's involvement and role in international and regional organizations and its contribution to the discussion and institutionalization of various cooperation projects.

Papers will be accepted in Russian and English.

Paper submission deadline is 15 April 2023.

The papers should be submitted electronically on the journal's website http://riatr.ru/send-article.html. In addition, please send papers to Boldyrev Vitaly Evgenyevich boldyrev89@list.ru, skpfox@yandex.ru.

The template of the journal paper is available on the website http://riatr.ru/en/pravila_avtor.html.

If you have any questions, please contact boldyrev89@list.ru, skpfox@yandex.ru with the subject line Journal, India.

Responsible editors:

  • Pestsov Sergey Konstantinovich, Doctor of Sciences (Political Sciences), Professor,
  • Volynchuk Andrey Borisovich, Doctor of Sciences (Political Sciences), Associate Professor, Boldyrev Vitaly Evgenyevich, PhD.

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