Russia and the Pacific 2023 4

Dear colleagues!

We would like to invite you to submit your papers to the special section of the journal Russia and the Pacific (No. 4, 2023): Ideology and Problems of Self-Identification: Russias Historical Experience and Civilizational Peculiarities.

Since perestroika and the start of work on the Russian Constitution, the need for a state ideology has been discussed. In 1993, seeking a rapid transition to a multiparty system, the lawyers and Duma deputies were categorical, and it was stated in clause 2, article 13 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation: "No ideology can be established as a state or obligatory ideology".

Currently, the political elite, scientific and creative intelligentsia are actively discussing the issues of Russia's development strategy, understanding of its role and place in the world, assessment of its historical and cultural heritage, moral and sensemaking guidelines, etc. They all focus on understanding the need for ideological self-determination of Russian society in close relation to the policy pursued by the state, which requires its own ideological justification and accompaniment.

In this special issue we propose to discuss the historical experience, methods, approaches and impact of ideology on the self-identification and consolidation of Russian society.

The authors are invited to submit texts and focus on:

  1. The analysis of perceptions of ideology from the Soviet to the post-Soviet model.
  2. Problems of self-identification: political, national-ethnic, economic, religious, status-role, etc., under ideological influence or its absence.
  3. Ideological postulates that have become value orientations for the entire Russian society, which have acquired the form of tradition, custom, heroism, the image of an idol, etc.
  4. The comparative analysis of the ideological accompaniment of the Russian state during different historical periods taking into consideration the specific features of Russian civilization.
  5. The importance of the external (Asian) environment and the frontier as one of the bases of self-identification of the residents of the Far East.

Paper submission deadline is 1 June 2023 (GMT+10).

The papers should be submitted electronically on the journal website http://riatr.ru/en/send-article.html. At the same time, please send papers with the subject line Journal, ideology to the responsible editor Oksana Petrovna Fedirko: fedirko@ihaefe.ru

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